Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Materials Received report to debut Monday, October 12

Dear Valued Customer,

Stevenson Vestal is proud to introduce the Materials Received automated email report, which will complement our familiar Status Letter. The new reports will start going out on Monday, October 12th.

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The goal of this new information tool is to give early confirmation that our Receiving Team has checked in your materials. The report will be emailed daily, Monday through Friday at the same time as your Status Letter, but of course we will send it only on days when we have checked in materials for you. Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all your materials — instead it shows only materials that we checked in for you on the day of the report.

Please have patience and allow our Receiving Team the time they need to measure and inspect your materials. This process is on a slight delay from your van pickup date or UPS tracking date. 

All customers currently subscribed to the SV Status Letter will receive the new report, so there is no need to sign up. If you would like to opt out of SV status reports simply contact your Customer Service Rep. But we hope you'll give this new report a fair chance, because we think you'll come to love it and rely on it. 

We will use 3 colored icons to indicate your material's status:

1. MATCHED TO ORDER: We have successfully matched your material to your work order. All's well! Look for your products to appear on the Status Letter soon.

2. MATCHED TO QUOTE: We have matched your material to an existing quote. This indicates that your quote needs to be finalized and converted into an order.

3. UNMATCHED: Our Receiving Team cannot find an order or a quote to match with your material. Please contact your CSR to discuss.

- • - • -

At Stevenson Vestal, we are continually working to improve our quality and services. We have more improvements in the works that are of a similar nature to this new Materials Received report. Our current focus is to communicate sooner, and more effectively, through new innovations to our automated systems and human communications. We can’t wait to roll out all the new things we have planned for you in the near future, so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for your business partnership,

Your Stevenson Vestal Team