Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tech Tuesday #11: Stackback of Stationary Panels

So you are planning to treat your client's windows with Stationary Drapery Panels. Excellent! But now you have some questions to answer in order to determine the width placement of these custom products. First, where, exactly, will you install your panels relative to the window glass, trim, and wall? And second, how tightly will you stack them?

Stationary panels are a bit different than traversing draperies, with their tight stacking off the window when open. For stationary panels, an illusion is sought — the appearance of fully drawn-open draperies, occupying a similar wall space and revealing the glass and the view. Enjoy the comic below and let the sun shine in! (click or tap the image to see full size) 

And SV Customers, you may view the corresponding SV Tech Sheet: "Width Placement of Stationary Panels" by going to the SV Dropbox.*  

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