Friday, November 22, 2013

Draperies and brush strokes

Sydney Pettengill, ASID, in action
at window treatment installation
When you go to an art museum, there are two ways to enjoy the paintings.

You can stand across the room from a Monet and get a tingly impression of the overall spell cast by the artist. Or you can place your face right up to a Renoir ("No touching please!" the guard has to insist, seeing your nose six inches from the canvas) and observe the strange abstraction of the artist's brush strokes.

The same can be true of interior design, and draperies in particular. In the following photos we see the big picture created with a neutral palette and splashes of warm accent colors chosen by designer Sydnye Pettengill, ASID of Alexandria, VA.

But wait! Upon closer examination, additional colors and textures unnoticed from across the room manifest themselves. Bright balls of coral and green in the tassel trim are as plain now as they were hiding in plain sight before, and moving in even closer, striations of coral and green come into focus in the fabric.

Designer Sydnye Pettengill transformed this Formal Living Room—which previously featured intense and busy patterns—into a safe and comforting haven. Her client walked around the new room and simply said, "Love, love, love it."

SV CSR Donna Quiring
Sydnye enjoys her working relationship with Stevenson Vestal and her Customer Service Rep. Donna Quiring: "Donna is wonderful. She is responsive, competent, just terrific."

You can learn more about the design services of Sydnye Pettengill, ASID in Alexandria VA by going to or by calling 703-838-8480.