Thursday, December 5, 2013

A calming and comforting Living Room

Katie Buck of 1225 Designs
Designer Katie Buck of 1225 Designs in Arlington, Virginia shared some photos of her first project with Stevenson Vestal, featuring Euro Cuff sheer draperies, throw pillows and a table skirt in a Living Room that she transformed into a haven of calm and comfort for her client.

Katie says Stevenson Vestal "really amped up my level of success." 

The Euro Cuff Draperies are trimmed with an eyelash fringe and topped-off visually with slim metal pole and rings and simple end caps, creating an uncluttered but eye-catching rectangular shape in each cuff valance.  

The soothing color palette mixes french blue, gray, off white and warm taupe.

The sheer fabric for the draperies has asymmetrical stripes of light grey and cream.   

An existing couch is given a refreshed look with large throw pillows out of a tone-on-tone fabric that matches the painted wall color.  

Privacy and light control were not issues of concern for this space, so the choice of the sheer creates beautiful filtered sunlight and an open, airy atmosphere.

A round table skirt continues the color theme and completes the new look of this Living Room.

SV CSR Paul Serrano
Katie Buck says of her Stevenson Vestal experience, "You guys are great. I'm very happy." Katie works with SV Customer Service Rep. Paul Serrano, who she appreciates for his enthusiasm and design affirmation. When the idea came to her to choose an unlined sheer drapery with a trimmed cuff valance, Katie inquired and Paul assured her, "Oh yeah, we can do that!" 

Katie reports that her client loves this new Living Room. It seems obvious that Katie Buck achieved the ultimate goal of giving expression to her client's own personality through thoughtful and inspired design choices.

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