Thursday, December 5, 2013

A calming and comforting Living Room

Katie Buck of 1225 Designs
Designer Katie Buck of 1225 Designs in Arlington, Virginia shared some photos of her first project with Stevenson Vestal, featuring Euro Cuff sheer draperies, throw pillows and a table skirt in a Living Room that she transformed into a haven of calm and comfort for her client.

Katie says Stevenson Vestal "really amped up my level of success." 

The Euro Cuff Draperies are trimmed with an eyelash fringe and topped-off visually with slim metal pole and rings and simple end caps, creating an uncluttered but eye-catching rectangular shape in each cuff valance.  

The soothing color palette mixes french blue, gray, off white and warm taupe.

The sheer fabric for the draperies has asymmetrical stripes of light grey and cream.   

An existing couch is given a refreshed look with large throw pillows out of a tone-on-tone fabric that matches the painted wall color.  

Privacy and light control were not issues of concern for this space, so the choice of the sheer creates beautiful filtered sunlight and an open, airy atmosphere.

A round table skirt continues the color theme and completes the new look of this Living Room.

SV CSR Paul Serrano
Katie Buck says of her Stevenson Vestal experience, "You guys are great. I'm very happy." Katie works with SV Customer Service Rep. Paul Serrano, who she appreciates for his enthusiasm and design affirmation. When the idea came to her to choose an unlined sheer drapery with a trimmed cuff valance, Katie inquired and Paul assured her, "Oh yeah, we can do that!" 

Katie reports that her client loves this new Living Room. It seems obvious that Katie Buck achieved the ultimate goal of giving expression to her client's own personality through thoughtful and inspired design choices.

You may learn more about Katie Buck and 1225 Designs by calling 703-340-7048 or visiting   

Friday, November 22, 2013

Draperies and brush strokes

Sydney Pettengill, ASID, in action
at window treatment installation
When you go to an art museum, there are two ways to enjoy the paintings.

You can stand across the room from a Monet and get a tingly impression of the overall spell cast by the artist. Or you can place your face right up to a Renoir ("No touching please!" the guard has to insist, seeing your nose six inches from the canvas) and observe the strange abstraction of the artist's brush strokes.

The same can be true of interior design, and draperies in particular. In the following photos we see the big picture created with a neutral palette and splashes of warm accent colors chosen by designer Sydnye Pettengill, ASID of Alexandria, VA.

But wait! Upon closer examination, additional colors and textures unnoticed from across the room manifest themselves. Bright balls of coral and green in the tassel trim are as plain now as they were hiding in plain sight before, and moving in even closer, striations of coral and green come into focus in the fabric.

Designer Sydnye Pettengill transformed this Formal Living Room—which previously featured intense and busy patterns—into a safe and comforting haven. Her client walked around the new room and simply said, "Love, love, love it."

SV CSR Donna Quiring
Sydnye enjoys her working relationship with Stevenson Vestal and her Customer Service Rep. Donna Quiring: "Donna is wonderful. She is responsive, competent, just terrific."

You can learn more about the design services of Sydnye Pettengill, ASID in Alexandria VA by going to or by calling 703-838-8480.

Monday, October 21, 2013

"The romans were a hit!"

Marena James of Adorn Designs
Marena James of Adorn Design in Louisville, Kentucky achieved an airy and open look for her client with roman shades out of an unlined linen fabric. Ms. James gave us insight into this project in a contemporary home with a bold monochrome color scheme and white-painted hardwood floors, and concluded: "The romans were a hit!"  

Marena James and her client chose to keep the white linen fabric for the roman shades unlined to go with the clean and airy design of this Living Room. Still, these custom, handcrafted flat roman shades provide light control and a degree of privacy at every window. Marena chose a simple cord lock operating system for the shades.

SV CSR Paul Serrano
Marena spoke about her experience with Stevenson Vestal and said she appreciates that she is not calling “some random person” for assistance, but instead speaks to her own “private consultant”—in her case SV Customer Service Rep Paul Serrano. 

Marena says: "I love Paul and I'm so glad I found Stevenson Vestal."

You can view more photos of this residence before the window treatments were installed at Burrus Architecture and Construction, LLC. 

Contact Marena James and Adorn Designs, located in Louisville, Kentucky, by calling 502-291-3498.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Why is it hard to be simple?

Why does complexity creep into our work lives? Why is it so hard to keep things nice and simple?

In 2011 we did some soul-searching and discovered a category of prices that are best described as "conditional". Depending on the fabrics or trims you sent, we perform different tasks, and we had set prices accordingly.

The problem with this, of course, is that it created an atmosphere of uncertainty and unpleasant surprises. So we decided to walk a mile in your footsteps, and see what we thought you would like. In the end, we took the road less traveled, the road to simplicity and predictability. We hope you feel this difference in a very real way.

One important example of this is the challenge of trying to explain when it is desirable to hand sew versus machine sew trim. We now have just one charge. We removed the surprise and worry for you, and we still do it the right way every time, just as we have always done. Doesn't that make sense to you?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Revolving art gallery

"Working here is like being in a revolving art gallery." - Paul Serrano, Stevenson Vestal Customer Service Representative

But what does that have to do with you, the design professional? Hmm. Let's think about it...

We like to make insanely great custom soft goods. That is what gets us up and going in the morning. And we can help you by sharing our knowledge. Want to know if we've seen some particular treatment before? Just ask. Ask your CSR. Ask anyone here. Come for a visit. We have been doing this for more than 25 years. We have seen a few things.

But we also try to be as humble as we can. We are still learning every day. There is always more to learn. The world of window treatments, bedding and accessories, fabrics and designs and innovation is an endless story, and it is our pleasure to be soaking it all up. Life is exciting. Let's do some exciting things together!

Seen recently in our revolving art gallery: Variation on a Gathered Band & Tabs C49 Cornice,
with pleats in place of the usual gathers. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

We just want to add beauty and function to the world

It's a simple mission, but it is everything to us.

And it is all about making a human connection—a connection to that unique and quirky and adorable individual that is your customer. Maybe he likes straight lines, sunny colors and broad vistas through bright windows. Or perhaps she likes to nestle down among textures and rich embellishments, graceful curves and earth tones. 

Whatever the case may be, when you sell custom soft goods you are enabling your customer to express his or her individuality. In the process, one more home becomes a thing of beauty and enhanced function. And this is our ultimate goal and satisfaction at Stevenson Vestal.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Favorite Site Photos

Here is a flashback to some of our favorite site photos of Stevenson Vestal products of the recent years. 

Click or tap any photo to enlarge. Enjoy!

Active Adult Card Room

Model Home Sun Room

Model Home Dining Room

Model Home Bedroom

Model Home Dining Room

Private Residence, Living Room

Private Residence, Master Bedroom