Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It Comes In Colors Like A Rainbow!

Colorful new covers for Designer Guide chapters. Collect them all!
Click or tap image to expand your knowledge..

Tired of lugging around all your catalogs? It's easy to make use of Stevenson Vestal publications such as our Price List, Tech Sheets, and Designer Guide on an iPad.

Here's how: Open the Safari browser on your iPad and go to SV Online. Login and tap through to our Publications page. Tap a link to open a publication in a new tab. Once the document is open, single tap and you'll see an "Open in iBooks" option at the top right. Tap it. That's it!

Your SV Price List or favorite SV documents will now always be saved to your iBooks library and ready to strut their stuff on each of your home visits or client consultations!

Don't have an iPad? No problem. Our PDFs are perfectly happy to be downloaded to your computer or viewed in your web browser. Check out the download hints on our Publications page behind the login at SV Online or give me a call at 800-535-3636 x201 and I will walk you through this procedure, all the while speaking in a calm and soothing voice. :-) -Dave G