Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SV customer Jo Ann Alston appears on NBC's House Smarts

SV customer and ASID award-winning designer Jo Ann Alston of J. Stephens Interiors in New Jersey has been featured on the NBC TV show House Smarts. We are pleased to share a link to a video clip from the show for your interest and inspiration about what other Stevenson Vestal customers are up to!

In the video we see a very nicely appointed Living Room featuring a Japanese screen, faux linen texture walls and tall drapery side panels enhancing a bay window. Jo Ann says her customer was "not afraid of glamour" and liked jewel tones.

The deep red leather surface of the coffee table certainly fits both those criteria. Jo Ann described the overall design as "Classic Modern" and said she intended for the room to have a serene atmosphere-a goal she certainly achieved with clean lines and a calming color palette.

Jo Ann is relatively new to Stevenson Vestal, but she has kept us busy. How has her experience been working with Stevenson Vestal? Jo Ann says she likes working with her Customer Service Rep, Donna Quiring because they have a "good back and forth" communication.

At Stevenson Vestal we have identified good communications as the hardest part of our job as a custom workroom, so we are very pleased indeed when we hear a compliment such as that!

For more information about Jo Ann Alston and J. Stephens Interiors, and for more photos of this same project, please visit the J. Stephens Interiors website.